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March 2001
August 2002

Continues as Conscience Chronicles


Conscience Sensitive Psychiatric Diagnosis of Maltreated Children and Adolescents (Vol I pp1-54, 2001) (PDF 1008KB)
Trauma, Moral Development, and Conscience Functioning (Vol II No. I pp. 1-4, 2003)
Appendix A: Stilwell Conscience Interview
English (PDF 100K)
Spanish/Español (PDF 47K)

Appendix B: Structured Stilwell Conscience Interview

English (PDF 81K)
Armenian (PDF 2.6MB)
Appendix C: Global Assessment of Psychopathologic Interference to Conscience Functioning
Appendix D: Five Domains of Conscience
Appendix E: Clinical Vignettes
Appendix F: Bibliography
Progress in Conscience Sensitive Psychiatry (Vol II No. I pp. 5-30, 2006) (PDF 272K)
Preliminary Observations and Reflections on Conscience Sensitive Group Therapy (Vol II No. II pp.1-23, 2005) (PDF 345.9K)
Retrieval of Life Affirming Values and Their Incorporation into a Suicidality Prevention Plan (Vol II No. II pp.24-33, 2005 (PDF 130K)
The Psychobiology of Conscience: Signatures in Brain Regions of Interest (Vol III No. 1 pp. 1-36, 2009) (PDF 852K)
Conscience Project (PowerPoint)
Reconceptualizing Disorders of Conduct (PowerPoint)
The Psychobiology of Conscience (PowerPoint)
Treatment of Modern Warriors: A Need for Conscience Sensitive Therapy (Vol III No. 2 pp. 1-7, 2010) (PDF 315KB)


Conscience Celebration and Study Guide (PDF 1.6MB)

Rachel and the 7 Bridges of Conscience-berg

Cover (PDF 1K)
Title Page (PDF 74.7K)
Table of Contents (PDF 92.1 K)
The First Bridge: Moral Attachment - Connectedness (PDF 1.3MB)
The Second Bridge: Moral Emotions - Harmony (PDF 531.2K)
The Three Bridges of Worth: Elderworth (PDF 521K)
The Three Bridges of Worth: Selfworth (PDF 189.1K)
The Three Bridges of Worth: Otherworth (PDF 145.5K)
The Sixth Bridge: Moral Choosing - Autonomy (PDF 197.6K)
The Seventh Bridge: A Conscience Conceived (PDF 123K)
Epilogue (PDF 48K)

The Otters of Conscience-berg (PDF 2.4MB)
Otters Study Guide (PDF 556KB)
Carlotta Learns About Her Medicine (PDF 110K)
Sometimes Y (PDF 5.7MB)
Grandma Grady's Grade-A Gray Day (PDF 716K)

The Lyric of Lafracoth (12-2-08)
A. Title Page (PDF 124KB)
B. Copyright Notice(PDF 8KB)
C. Author's Note and Acknowledgements (PDF 188KB)
D. Dramatis Personae, Acts and Scenes (PDF 72KB)
E. Historical Figures (PDF 112KB)
F. Time Line for Medieval Mind in Ireland (PDF 44KB)
G. Time Line for Lafracoth (PDF 48KB)
H. Moralized Genogram--Lafracoth (PDF 40KB)
I. The Lyric of Lafracoth (PDF 784KB)
J. The Basis for the Lyric of Lafracoth I (PDF 184KB)
K. The Basis for the Lyric of Lafracoth II (PDF 268KB)
L. Bibliography--Lyric of Lafracoth (PDF 120KB
Conscience Sensitive Medical Education  (Vol. I no.1 pp1-17, 2002) (PDF 837K)
   Appendix: I.U. Conscience Autobiography for Health Care Professionals (PDF 30K)
Conscience in the Mental Health Professional  (Vol. II no. I pp1-104, 2005) (PDF 458.8K)
   Appendix: Conscience Centered Psychiatric Ethics: A Course (PDF 210.6K)
Trying on the Rings of Glaucon: Conscience Centered Medical Ethics (Vol. II, no. 2 pp1-23, 2005) (PDF 93.5K)
The Conscience Autobiography Completed with Commentary Pertinent to Islam (Vol. II, no. 2, pp 24-63, 2007) (PDF)
Conscience Sensitive Approach to Ethics and Teaching Caring Attitudes (Vol.III, No.1 pp. 6-20 2007) (PDF 196KB)
A Guide to Conscience (Vol.III, no.1 supplement pp. 1-32, 2007) (PDF 508KB)
Invited Address to the Indiana University School of Medicine Class of 2005 (Vol.III no.1, pp.1-5, 2007) (PDF 28KB)
A Conscience Sensitive Approach To Ethics and Teaching Caring Attitudes (preprint paper)
A Conscience Sensitive Approach To Ethics and Teaching Caring Attitudes (presentation)
Strange Bedfellows: Torture and the Medical Professional (PowerPoint)
Demoralization and Harm Prevention Planning (PowerPoint)


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